13, Oct 2023
Mini Goldendoodle For Sale

A Mini Goldendoodle is a hybrid of the popular standard Golden Retriever and Mini Poodle. These dogs have an affectionate personality and are great for families. But, as with any dog, they will require a lot of love and attention. They need a lot of cuddles and will want to play with their family members. They are also energetic dogs and need to be exercised regularly. They can be destructive if left alone for long periods of time, so it is best to have someone in the house or with them at all times.

What is a purebred doodle?

While there are many breeders who sell mini goldendoodle for sale, it is important to work with a reputable one. A quality breeder will follow ethical breeding practices and will test the parent dogs for genetic disorders. They will also provide proper care during pregnancy and after birth. This level of care comes at a price, but it will help to ensure that you are getting a healthy, happy puppy.

The average cost for a Mini Goldendoodle is about $1800 to $3000, depending on the location and coat color. These puppies are very expensive because they are a designer breed and are in high demand. You can save money by adopting a rescue puppy or searching for a reputable breeder who offers F1 or F2 Mini Goldendoodles. These puppies are the first generation and will have hybrid vigor, which means they are more likely to be healthier than their purebred parents.

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