2, Mar 2024
Fluke 1507 Digital Insulation Resistance Tester

Whether you’re testing motors, generators, cables or switch gear you need to be certain your electrical insulation is safe and functioning properly. Fluke digital insulation resistance testers are noise-free and reliable making them the ideal choice for troubleshooting, commissioning and preventative maintenance applications.

The CAT IV 600V fluke 1507 is an advanced and sophisticated insulation test meter that delivers a range of measurement capabilities to meet your every need. Its impressive insulation measurement range of 0.01MOhm to 10GO and multiple check voltages make this a genuinely versatile instrument while features like the remote probe allow for easier access to awkward or crowded test locations. Polarisation index and dielectric absorption ratio measurements can also be conducted whilst repetitive tests are made simpler thanks to the ‘compare’ function.

Electrical Safety: Insights into the Fluke 1507 Insulation Tester

This handheld meter is incredibly lightweight, rugged and easy to use. It meets CAT IV IEC 61010 safety standards and accepts the optional TPAK magnetic hanger to free your hands for other tasks whilst offering a convenient scale to read results on. It can also be hung from the included cable using the crocodile clip for quick and convenient testing in tight spaces. Test results are clearly displayed on the backlit LCD screen and dangerous voltages are highlighted via a built in LED light.

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