26, Apr 2024
Effective TikTok Ad Types

Effective TikTok ad types help marketers achieve a variety of marketing goals. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic or generate product installs, there is an ad format that fits your needs. Depending on your marketing objectives, you may choose to use an In-Feed Ad, a TikTok Collection Ad, or a Brand Takeover Ad.

To create an effective ad, follow TikTok’s guidelines for image and video ads. Avoid blurry or low-quality content, and make sure that your ad fits the size of the TikTok viewer’s screen. TikTok also recommends using landscape videos that are built for vertical viewing.

Maximizing Impact: Effective TikTok Ad Types

TikTok’s audience values creativity and authenticity. For example, music is an integral part of TikTok videos. Including trending music in your video can attract viewers’ attention and help you stand out from other ads. Additionally, TikTok’s platform and audience value short-form video, so keep your ad to between 5-60 seconds.

Whether you choose to use in-feed, TikTok Collection, or a brand takeover ad, you can set up campaign metrics that will help you track your performance and ROI. Specifically, you can select the number of clicks you want to receive and your total spend on each ad. You can also select third-party measurement and tracking pixels to use in your ad. Additionally, you can select a delivery type that determines how quickly you want to spend your budget. You can opt for standard delivery, which evenly spends your budget over the course of the campaign, or accelerated, which will spend your budget more quickly during the first week of your campaign.

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