17, Sep 2023
Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

triple offset butterfly valves

tripple offset butterfly valve feature a unique conical sealing design that results in repeatable and consistent sealing performance, ensuring zero-leakage. They’re also highly effective in corrosive environments and are ideal for steam, high-temperature pure gas and liquid applications like oil and gas processing, refining, power generation, pulp and paper and offshore applications.

The three offset points on a triple-offset butterfly valve are located near the centerline of the valve where the shaft attaches, in the axis of the seat cone angle and in the arc of rotation of the disc/seat sealing surfaces. These offsets allow for continuous, bubble-tight shut-off and minimal friction in operation, extending the lifetime of the valve.

Comparing Triple Offset Butterfly Valves to Traditional Valve Types

When the handle is in the closed position, the disc of the butterfly valve stays perpendicular to the flow and seals against a metal or non-metallic valve seat. When the valve is opened, the handle pushes on the disc to separate it from the seat, allowing the fluid to flow through.

NTGD valve’s line of triple-offset butterfly valves includes different types to meet the requirements of any application. Choosing the correct valve size and end connection type, control options (manual, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic) and actuator is critical to ensure safe and efficient operation. It’s also important to select a valve with proper ratings and certifications for use in your system. Periodic inspection and maintenance should be performed to monitor for any signs of wear, corrosion or damage. NTGD valve offers a comprehensive range of maintenance and repair services, including flange resurfacing, stem extension, replacement of seat rings, and more.

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