Punching a Bag Really Heps My Stress Level

I’m 29, a History teacher and just started my training in boxing for 3 weeks now. The reason why I took on the punching bag is that as a sport itself, heavy bag punching is very interesting where every move, every upper cut, every punch positions me in the shoes of the one doing the action.

Being a fat person that I am, I also want to put an end to my miserable life in which I hear students talk about me with a hurtful chuckle, behind my back. So, I needed some activity that allows me to release all the stress built up, due to the way I look and the hurt caused to me, by the harsh remarks.

After getting a punching bag, I now release my anguish on a calm punching bag. It helps me a lot emotionally and psychologically and of course physically too, I feel far better now. I know it is still too early to see huge changes in my physical appearance, but I can clearly see some progress as I feel far more comfortable in my older clothes, which were too tight earlier.

When I started training, my trainer gave me an orientation session to get acquainted with the secrets of punching. I came to know that continuous punching at an incorrect spot on a heavy bag can hurt the wrist if one doesn’t wear suitable boxing gloves.  Another important thing is to keep balanced for better results with this tiring sport.  When I incorporated these safeguards to my punching sessions, I was amazed at my own success.

212 lbs. that I was before has been brought down to 160 lbs. in the last three weeks of regular training. My skin is toned; I feel strong and have regained my lost confidence. I love the way people have started to notice changes in me. Now I face my class more confidently and the hurtful comments have vanished.

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