Protection Equipment When Working with a Drill Press

The good thing about having a drill press is that it comes with a small piece of metal that serves as a worktable to place your wood for drilling. You can use it for making small holes, as well as for big holes because it comes with different kinds of drill bits. Drill press can also perform a variety of operations in addition to drilling like reaming, tapping, boring, countersinking and counter boring.

This is amazing because gone are the days when you have to manually make a hole where you would have to use your muscle power to twist and turn hand driven drill. It was time consuming and inaccurate at times. But drill press can let you decide the depth of the hole because of a brilliant feature of the drill press handle that allow you to lock the drill press down to a certain depth.

Its versatility ranges from boring a plain and simple hole to larger and more artistic holes for your domestic or artistic endeavors. However, there are some precautionary measures in using the drill press because it may end up hurting your hands, if you are not careful in handling and sometimes you may destroy the machine. The most important point is that you should always wear protective gear like goggles or gloves. Goggle will protect your eyes from the splinters or flings arising from drilling action. Always focus on the work you are doing because the drill press may land on your hand. If you have to make some settings or adjustments to the tool, you must do that before switching on your drill press. If you make any changes or adjustments on the machine while it is still operating, you may end up in hospital with a serious injury.

Any tool needs your special care and maintenance to function well and to keep it hassle-free for a long period of time. The basic step is to clean it after every drilling task and store it in a dry place, so that moisture and subsequent rust do not affect its working.

This tiny tool can be equally helpful for the professional woodcrafters and the hobbyists.


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