The Humminbird ICE-35 – Review

For those who are searching for a fish finder that is slightly different from the traditional one, the Humminbird ICE-35 is a good choice. Humminbird ICE-35 transforms your fish finding experience to an all new level with its excellent features.

What is so special about the Humminbird ICE-35 fish finder? Any guesses here? Humminbird ICE-35 is designed for ice fishing. A typical fish finder will display a sonar reading, but in Humminbird ICE-35 it shows a color flasher. Colors will move around the dial. When you see the color flasher displayed with some reading that is when you will cut a hole in the ice. Fiber Optic Technology is used in the tri-color flasher. It enables an easy analysis of data. The dual beam flasher provides an accurate reading and can get details from up to 200 feet depth.

Another excellent feature of the Humminbird ICE-35 is that it has excellent zoom-in capabilities that help in providing a proper view of a section of water column. You can adjust the zooming as per your requirements. The Humminbird ICE-35 has decent power. The batteries have the ability to last for a longer period of time. The Humminbird ICE-35 comes with a 12 volt charger and battery. The Humminbird ICE-35 has 800 watts power output.


The LED display of Humminbird ICE-35 is pretty good compared to other fish finders. The display is very bright and so the display is clearly visible in the dark.  Because of this feature, you can use the Humminbird ICE-35 fish finder during winter too.

The Humminbird ICE-35 will be in unassembled form when you first purchase it. It is easy to assemble the Humminbird ICE-35 fish finder. It can be assembled in 30 to 40 minutes. The Humminbird ICE-35 has a demo mode that helps you to have a clear idea about how it works in ice. So, you can try out the demo mode before taking the fish finder into ice.

What makes Humminbird ICE-35 stand out from the rest of the fish finders? Is this the best fish finder for the money? I found out that the features that make Humminbird ICE-35 stand out from its competitors are:

Ease of Use: The Humminbird ICE-35 is easy to use when compared to other fish finders. The flasher displays clear cut images of what is beneath the ice even in bright light. Made with the latest technology flasher, it helps you to find the correct catch.

Display screen: It is very important that you get a clear picture before you start your catch. The Humminbird ICE-35 has a 4 depth scale that helps in proper readability.

Power: The power output of the Humminbird ICE-35 is 800 watts. This is the maximum power output.

Transducer: The best feature of Humminbird ICE-35 is the transducer. Once the Humminbird ICE-35 is suspended beneath the ice water, it converts the electrical energy into sound waves. The mechanical signals thus obtained are then converted to electrical waves so that they can be displayed on your screen.



If you are in search of a fish finder that works perfectly in ice, Humminbird ICE-35 is the right choice for you. The Humminbird ICE-35 is affordable at a price below $300. Try the Humminbird ICE-35 fish finder and enjoy fishing in all conditions.

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