How to Plan a Great RV Trip Across the US with a RV GPS


RV trips are considered a lot of fun by the entire family, and the best thing about them is that RVs are large enough to take a portion of home along with you. However, without thorough planning, your trip can easily turn into a disaster. An RV GPS can be of great help in your planning, especially if it comes equipped with some RV friendly features. Here are some ideas on how to make your trip a success with the help of an RV GPS.


First of all, an RV GPS is a great traveling companion and it allows you to draw your routes, with the necessary stops, so you can refuel or stop for a picnic in RV friendly areas. Advanced RV GPS reviews speak about models that allow you to share your trip route online, and can also offer you the possibility to customize your route depending on the characteristics of your RV, such as weight, length and height.

Real directions can save you a lot of time and headaches when on the road. Especially when planning a long trip across the US, you will need to pay attention to a lot of things. Leave at least street name reading to your faithful GPS, so you do not get lost and lose precious time you could spend having fun with your family.


A directory with the RV parks you may encounter in your way surely comes in handy and good RV GPS models usually come equipped with such a feature. Learning about important information such as which RV parks are pet friendly, is very important if you want to travel with Fido in tow.


There are many free apps that can be used on your RV GPS. The most useful are those that can warn you about drastic weather changes well in advance, so you can plan accordingly.


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