Healthy Quesadilla Recipe

Trying new recipes is a fun thing to do. Not only you will learn and add it to your stocked knowledge, but you will also savor the goodness of the food. Learning food, popularized in other countries is not rare. Sometimes it is really good to have a smell and taste of the culture and tradition all around the world. So, right now, you can learn the Mexican dish, by preparing a healthy Quesadilla. Not only this is good for family dinners, but this is also quick and easy to make. Surprise your family and friends with the Healthy Quesadilla.

This recipe is a version of Quesadilla that will surely feed the healthy type of persons. All you have to do is to prepare:

l  1 15-ounce can black beans or pinto beans

l  1/2 cup Jack cheese (if you want it to be hot)

l  1/2 cup fresh salsa

l  4 whole wheat tortillas

l  2 teaspoons cooking or canola oil

l  1 diced ripe avocado


Combine the 15-ounce can of black beans or pinto beans, the cup of Jack cheese, and the salsa in a bowl. Make sure that you evenly mixed the three ingredients in order to equally distribute the flavor. Then, you prepare the whole wheat tortillas in a flat surface. On each half of the 4 whole wheat tortilla, spread the filling, fold the tortilla and flatten it (remember not to put too much pressure on the flattening of the tortilla- just do it gently). Now prepare the warm skillet and the oil. Once the skillet is warm, pour the oil and wait for 1 to 2 minutes. Slowly pull out the Quesadilla on the skillet and turn it over, once the portion gets golden brown. Once all the Quesadilla are fried, wrap them with a foil to keep the warmth. Prepare the salsa and the avocado, then add it to the serving.

In only 15 minutes, you are ready to surprise everyone how you brought the Mexican food style at your home. Now everyone will enjoy the night’s bonding with a full stomach.

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