Health Benefits of Having Yogurt Every Day


Yogurt is one of the healthiest foods around and the best part is that it can be easily incorporated into a daily diet, because of its great taste and low content of fat. Yogurt is rich in powerful nutrients and it offers you a balanced meal on which you can thrive without gaining weight. Does it sound like something you would like? Here are the most important health benefits of having yogurt every day.

Boost your protein levels with yogurt

Yogurt contains animal protein, which is essential for human health. Especially as you age you will need more protein as it helps rebuilding tissue, reviving cells and keeping muscles in good working order. Since meat is not the healthiest choice, even the leanest type, do not hesitate to turn towards dairy products and especially yogurt.


The friendly probiotics

Many diseases find a way to enter the human body via the digestive system and often, a healthy digestive system is the foundation of good health. Since everything you eat and drink goes through it, its proper functioning is essential for enjoying overall wellbeing. Probiotics are a strain of bacteria present in the digestive system, but they are the benign kind. Even more, they are important for good health and the good news is that yogurt is full of probiotics. In other words, if you eat yogurt every day, you will be able to enjoy a healthy digestive system and a solid immune system, capable of fending off diseases.


An ally against osteoporosis

Rich in calcium, yogurt is your greatest ally against osteoporosis. Bone mass is something that, unfortunately, declines with age and it is a sign of the onset of osteoporosis. A good idea would be to add vitamin D to your diet, as well, because it is capable of fixing the calcium in your bones. The elderly can take great advantage of the health benefits of yogurt, but children can be helped to develop healthy bones if they are given yogurt every day.

Some recommend buying yogurt fortified with vitamin D, but I think it is a much better idea to make your own yogurt at home, and get vitamin D from other natural sources. The main problem with yogurt sold in stores is that it is usually loaded with preservatives meant to prolong its shelf life. I make my own yogurt at home, using a yogurt maker, of which I learned from this site. Using the information provided there, I bought a unit that I am very pleased with and now I enjoy healthy homemade yogurt every day.


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