Why a great truck tent is not enough when you go camping


Truck tents are one of my favorite pieces of camping equipment and I would always choose one over a classic tent. I find them to be more comfortable, less difficult to set up, and more adaptable for any type of camping area. Things were not always like this. My first truck tent voyage wasn’t as pleasant as all the rest. Partly because I was an inexperienced camper and secondly because I was careless enough to believe everything will work out right even if I’m not thoroughly informed on the destination I was going to. The main purpose of this article is to give you some advice related to camping inspired from my first camping trip with my truck tent.
Most important of all, take all the necessary information regarding the camp you’ve decided for. While I do this always or at least most of the times nowadays, I skipped this step when I first travelled with my truck tent. I was a first time visitor to the chosen camp and I did not inquire into vehicle regulations. It was a large camp so it did not occur to me that they may not allow vehicles in. They didn’t – at least not in the part where I arrived. Thankfully, the people working there pointed out the sector where I could camp with my truck tent as well. Though not a huge disaster, it meant a 45 minutes delay. Although most camps have especially designed camping spots for trucks and RVs, make sure you have all the right info before you arrive there to avoid spoiling your trip.

If you’ve just bought the tent for your SUV, spend some time practicing setting up the tent. Even if it is not a complicated process, and modern tents are more and more configured to be set up smoothly, some products do require some installation skills. I had the bad luck to catch a rainy, foggy day in my first truck tent camping trip. When I got there it was raining cats and dogs and there weren’t many campers to help me set it up. Normally, it wouldn’t take me more than 15 minutes to unwrap the whole thing and install it, but at that moment I spent more than one hour to get it over with.
Fortunately for me, the rain stopped while I was setting up the tent, so that helped a bit. My luck didn’t last long, and when the night came, the rain started again. At that moment I was reminded I didn’t set up the rainfly on top, which naturally meant I had to get out and try to fix that. This time I managed to do it with more ease. I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way. I felt cold all night and shivered even with all the extra clothes. Since then, whenever I bought a new product and went camping, I would first unpack it at home, read the setup guide and figure out how to use it properly. I’m sharing this advice with you, for I believe it will help you save time by performing a simple routine to avoid having to the deal with a whole lot more in less familiar places.

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