Conair Fb52 review


My job requires spending long hours standing, so it’s no wonder I started having problems with sore feet after a few months of work. At a certain point, I felt like my feet were constantly tired and weren’t able to go back to being in good shape. Even after a week leave, when I returned to my daily routine, I could feel the fatigue rapidly accumulating in my feet. It was in that moment that I’ve decided to check with my doctor and see if he can offer me some solutions in order to help relieve my tired feet.

My doctor recommended I massage my feet softly when I get home from work, and try keeping them on a pillow when relaxing on my couch in the evenings, to improve blood circulation. He also mentioned that visiting a massage center or spa periodically might be of help. I tried these small evening activities and felt indeed that they ameliorated, at some level, my problem. However, though the salon visits were the ones that helped me the most, I couldn’t go as often as required to improve my feet’s health on the long term. That was the moment when I was advised to acquire a foot spa machine.

As I didn’t need it for a specific therapy, I’ve chosen a simple product that I found on the market, the Conair Fb52. Using it almost every night since I’ve bought it, I’ve come to believe any person could benefit from using one, especially if they are required to spend  long hours standing or need to walk long distances.

Why do I say that? Well, firstly, foot spa machines have two main attributes: the first one is that they are used to relax your feet in warm water, but they also double as massage devices. In the warm water you fill the bath with, you can add various ingredients to enhance the relaxation feeling. One of the most commonly used ingredients is Epsom salt. It is so popular because it helps eliminating toxins from your body and it speeds up the peeling of dead cells and softens rough spots that form particularly on your heels. Nonetheless, there’s a myriad of ingredients such as essential oils and lotions that you can add in your bath.

For the massaging part, the Conair Fb52 is able to provide you with bubble massage that you can use at a low or high level, a waterfall feature and it is rigged out with two massage rollers that I personally find quite satisfying. Added to these are two blue LED lights to make you feel comfortable. They don’t contribute in any way to the quality of your spa experience, but they create a pretty atmosphere in the water basin. You can activate or deactivate these functions using the three push buttons placed on the front of the spa that you can push with your toes so you don’t have to bend and use your hands. Moreover, the foot spa includes a heat feature that keeps the water in the basin warm and three feet care attachments: a pumice stone, a brush and a massage device.



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