10, Nov 2023
Custom Size Photo Prints

custom size photo prints

Custom size photo prints are a great option for transforming a digital image into a high-quality print that is large enough to be impactful and add depth to any space. They can be used to create beautiful photo collages, large poster prints, or even a beautiful piece of wall art that can transform a room with its own unique personality and character.

To get the best results when printing an extra-large photograph you will want to make sure that your image file has a sufficient amount of resolution to begin with. If your photo isn’t saved in a high-resolution format, it may end up looking blurry or even grainy when printed out at a large size. Various programs can be used to prep and resize your images for a larger print, but nothing compares to the results produced by a professional commercial printer, like ArtisanHD.

Beyond Standard: Personalizing Spaces with Custom Size Photo Prints

In terms of the best image file size for an extra-large photo, it’s recommended to aim for a print that is at least 150 ppi (dots per inch). This will give your print the highest level of sharpness and clarity when it comes out.

Once you have the appropriate image file for an extra-large photo, it’s a simple process to convert your picture into an impressive canvas print or framed photograph. Using the configurator on WhiteWall, you’ll be able to select your desired frame, paper type, and other options for your print such as adding a border or special finish. You’ll also be able to choose whether or not you’d like your print to be ordered as a proof print with a watermark on it, which will allow you to test out your motif before ordering a full batch of them.