All You Need to Know about NOAA Weather Radios


NOAA weather radios are special radios that are certified by NOAA, the organization in charge of broadcasting alerts related to weather events, like tornadoes. These radios receive the broadcasting transmitted by the NOAA weather radio channel 24/7, so you can stay informed in case something happens in your area.


Great for those who do not have tornado sirens

Tornado sirens are used to alert the population when something is coming their way. However, not all the areas on the US soil are covered by tornado sirens, and that is why getting a weather radio qualified by NOAA is very important.

These emergency weather radios will not only alert you when there is a heavy storm coming your way, but they will also keep you in touch with the measures taken by the emergency teams and offer you the needed information for surviving after such an event.


Special features for those with visual or hearing problems

Audio alerts are not enough for people with hearing problems, so for them, there are special models manufactured that come equipped with strobe lights, bed shakers and other kinds of devices that make sure that the person still manages to receive the alert.


Tunable on all frequencies

The NOAA official website offers comprehensive information on the list of frequencies and transmitters you should follow for being well informed all the time. You need to make sure that the radio you have is tunable on all frequencies, to maximize your chances of receiving critical information in times of need.


A powerful sound

In order for a weather radio to be effective, it should come equipped with a powerful sound source, so you cannot miss it, in the event that something dangerous is happening. There have been cases when weather radios with powerful alert sound succeeded in saving human lives.


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