All You Need to Know about NOAA Weather Radios


NOAA weather radios are special radios that are certified by NOAA, the organization in charge of broadcasting alerts related to weather events, like tornadoes. These radios receive the broadcasting transmitted by the NOAA weather radio channel 24/7, so you can stay informed in case something happens in your area.


Great for those who do not have tornado sirens

Tornado sirens are used to alert the population when something is coming their way. However, not all the areas on the US soil are covered by tornado sirens, and that is why getting a weather radio qualified by NOAA is very important.

These emergency weather radios will not only alert you when there is a heavy storm coming your way, but they will also keep you in touch with the measures taken by the emergency teams and offer you the needed information for surviving after such an event.


Special features for those with visual or hearing problems

Audio alerts are not enough for people with hearing problems, so for them, there are special models manufactured that come equipped with strobe lights, bed shakers and other kinds of devices that make sure that the person still manages to receive the alert.


Tunable on all frequencies

The NOAA official website offers comprehensive information on the list of frequencies and transmitters you should follow for being well informed all the time. You need to make sure that the radio you have is tunable on all frequencies, to maximize your chances of receiving critical information in times of need.


A powerful sound

In order for a weather radio to be effective, it should come equipped with a powerful sound source, so you cannot miss it, in the event that something dangerous is happening. There have been cases when weather radios with powerful alert sound succeeded in saving human lives.


Punching a Bag Really Heps My Stress Level

I’m 29, a History teacher and just started my training in boxing for 3 weeks now. The reason why I took on the punching bag is that as a sport itself, heavy bag punching is very interesting where every move, every upper cut, every punch positions me in the shoes of the one doing the action.

Being a fat person that I am, I also want to put an end to my miserable life in which I hear students talk about me with a hurtful chuckle, behind my back. So, I needed some activity that allows me to release all the stress built up, due to the way I look and the hurt caused to me, by the harsh remarks.

After getting a punching bag, I now release my anguish on a calm punching bag. It helps me a lot emotionally and psychologically and of course physically too, I feel far better now. I know it is still too early to see huge changes in my physical appearance, but I can clearly see some progress as I feel far more comfortable in my older clothes, which were too tight earlier.

When I started training, my trainer gave me an orientation session to get acquainted with the secrets of punching. I came to know that continuous punching at an incorrect spot on a heavy bag can hurt the wrist if one doesn’t wear suitable boxing gloves.  Another important thing is to keep balanced for better results with this tiring sport.  When I incorporated these safeguards to my punching sessions, I was amazed at my own success.

212 lbs. that I was before has been brought down to 160 lbs. in the last three weeks of regular training. My skin is toned; I feel strong and have regained my lost confidence. I love the way people have started to notice changes in me. Now I face my class more confidently and the hurtful comments have vanished.

Protection Equipment When Working with a Drill Press

The good thing about having a drill press is that it comes with a small piece of metal that serves as a worktable to place your wood for drilling. You can use it for making small holes, as well as for big holes because it comes with different kinds of drill bits. Drill press can also perform a variety of operations in addition to drilling like reaming, tapping, boring, countersinking and counter boring.

This is amazing because gone are the days when you have to manually make a hole where you would have to use your muscle power to twist and turn hand driven drill. It was time consuming and inaccurate at times. But drill press can let you decide the depth of the hole because of a brilliant feature of the drill press handle that allow you to lock the drill press down to a certain depth.

Its versatility ranges from boring a plain and simple hole to larger and more artistic holes for your domestic or artistic endeavors. However, there are some precautionary measures in using the drill press because it may end up hurting your hands, if you are not careful in handling and sometimes you may destroy the machine. The most important point is that you should always wear protective gear like goggles or gloves. Goggle will protect your eyes from the splinters or flings arising from drilling action. Always focus on the work you are doing because the drill press may land on your hand. If you have to make some settings or adjustments to the tool, you must do that before switching on your drill press. If you make any changes or adjustments on the machine while it is still operating, you may end up in hospital with a serious injury.

Any tool needs your special care and maintenance to function well and to keep it hassle-free for a long period of time. The basic step is to clean it after every drilling task and store it in a dry place, so that moisture and subsequent rust do not affect its working.

This tiny tool can be equally helpful for the professional woodcrafters and the hobbyists.


Using a Fishfinder Is Not Cheating


Why I Always Use a Fishfinder


After getting basic knowledge of fish finding techniques, the talents should be challenged by learning advanced and complex settings. A fish finding device should be used in collaboration with chart plotter through split screen to facilitate in recognition of new terms and readings. This allows upgraded information and recording and re-evaluation of it even when the time has passed.

As the critics debate on the use of multiple screen system that if one function fails, the whole device is useless. To cope up with that a backup GPS option should be readily available. When a fish is identified with a certain place the split screen allows the plotter to highlight things around the target point. The highlighting helps in identifying any built structure or obstacle. The device also comes with the zoom option to know more about the bottom. The readings show the type of base whether hard or soft with the difference in line thickness reading. The whole system works in wave types and depends on the kind of surface, it hits before bouncing back. The device also comes with temperature difference monitors to locate the fish. As fish reside in specific temperature perimeters that’s why the readings help in their location.

The device has an automatic tuning setting which works perfectly alright majority of the times. But in case of heavy water activities like planktons or algae the tune settings need to be changed. The fish presence can be monitored on screen in the form of arches, but they will be visible only if the boat is not idle. In idle state the fish response cannot be examined through the transducer cone.

A best fish finder allows a uniform trouble free flow under it. The transducer of the device is adjusted for this purpose. The more you fish the more you will get familiar with your device and the more you will know how it will work best.



Best Features for 4-Slice Toasters

Nothing beats a glorious start of the day with the piece of toast coated with sweet butter. Speedy and easy toast will improve any breakfast. They’ll darken a slice, toast or heat bread, precisely, however you wish it. A toaster is an impeccable machine to feature that will not only provide you with the best results, but also add sleekness to your kitchen.

Numerous toasters can do what you wish them to do for you. However a toaster can perform in various other ways too. It will function as a capable gourmand expert’s device, enabling you to take advantage of any dish that features cooked bread. A definite shade setting may be the distinction between a perfect good cocoa brown and a tasteless burned dark toast. Look for a toaster that incorporates a wide mixture of shade settings to browse.

Best toasters that are automatically programmed work within the touch of a button as soon as you push the start button. They work by giving the perfect brown shade. Some toasters allow you to toast four or six at a time. Thus, being a good choice for a toaster.

An impressive slice toaster can stylishly increase any counter it sits on, and provides you with extraordinary utilization and cleanup. For compact machines like these it’s heartwarming to know that you have got hold on solid guarantee in case if anything wears out. When buying toasters one should also have a great deal of emphasize on the customer service in case one has queries related to the usage of features of the toaster.

Eventually, the most effective toaster for you, will assist you to toast in the manner you wish it every time you utilize your toaster. What you need to do is to adjust your toaster according to your requirements to be able to get the desired results.

The Perfect Toast: Extra Crispy

A survey by a company based on market research revealed that eight out of ten people start their day with a slice of toast making it the most popular breakfast. Yet, we see that finding a perfect toaster is one of the hardest tasks to do.

The problems we usually face in our quest to make the perfect toast are that the toast is either burnt or underdone. At times, it is the right amount of crispiness, but only in patches. You face all these issues provided the bread can fit inside the toaster, which is not always the case. Another problem often faced by many of us is that the size of the bread loaf is too big for the toaster. This is usually common among people who bake their bread at home. If the bread is not the same size as the one found in the supermarket, it won’t fit. If you somehow get it inside, then it will leave underdone patches and you will not be able to get the crispiness you are aiming for.

Keeping all these things in mind, what do we look for when we go to the market to look at new Toasters? We obviously want them to last for a long time, as kitchen appliances is not something one usually spends money on every other day. We most definitely want our toast to fit inside them and we want the toasters to provide the proper bread; which is neither burned nor soggy, at any of the sides.

An evenly golden-brown slice of toast, otherwise known as the holy grail of toast is not an easy task to achieve and a great many toasters do not meet the criteria required to achieve that.

Different toasters are being tested by a team of experts to see if they are well equipped to achieve the perfect toast. The “holy grail” is taken as a reference and the performance of the toasters is marked against that. For quality assurance purposes, the team measures the crispiness of bread and the evenness of the toasting. Moreover, they pay quite some attention to the fact that both the sides of the toast should be identical after coming out of the toaster.

The team has been working in this field for the past seven years and constantly scrutinizes toaster results, making sure the toasters that are awarded the best buys are the ones that perform the best.

Conair Fb52 review


My job requires spending long hours standing, so it’s no wonder I started having problems with sore feet after a few months of work. At a certain point, I felt like my feet were constantly tired and weren’t able to go back to being in good shape. Even after a week leave, when I returned to my daily routine, I could feel the fatigue rapidly accumulating in my feet. It was in that moment that I’ve decided to check with my doctor and see if he can offer me some solutions in order to help relieve my tired feet.

My doctor recommended I massage my feet softly when I get home from work, and try keeping them on a pillow when relaxing on my couch in the evenings, to improve blood circulation. He also mentioned that visiting a massage center or spa periodically might be of help. I tried these small evening activities and felt indeed that they ameliorated, at some level, my problem. However, though the salon visits were the ones that helped me the most, I couldn’t go as often as required to improve my feet’s health on the long term. That was the moment when I was advised to acquire a foot spa machine.

As I didn’t need it for a specific therapy, I’ve chosen a simple product that I found on the market, the Conair Fb52. Using it almost every night since I’ve bought it, I’ve come to believe any person could benefit from using one, especially if they are required to spend  long hours standing or need to walk long distances.

Why do I say that? Well, firstly, foot spa machines have two main attributes: the first one is that they are used to relax your feet in warm water, but they also double as massage devices. In the warm water you fill the bath with, you can add various ingredients to enhance the relaxation feeling. One of the most commonly used ingredients is Epsom salt. It is so popular because it helps eliminating toxins from your body and it speeds up the peeling of dead cells and softens rough spots that form particularly on your heels. Nonetheless, there’s a myriad of ingredients such as essential oils and lotions that you can add in your bath.

For the massaging part, the Conair Fb52 is able to provide you with bubble massage that you can use at a low or high level, a waterfall feature and it is rigged out with two massage rollers that I personally find quite satisfying. Added to these are two blue LED lights to make you feel comfortable. They don’t contribute in any way to the quality of your spa experience, but they create a pretty atmosphere in the water basin. You can activate or deactivate these functions using the three push buttons placed on the front of the spa that you can push with your toes so you don’t have to bend and use your hands. Moreover, the foot spa includes a heat feature that keeps the water in the basin warm and three feet care attachments: a pumice stone, a brush and a massage device.



The Humminbird ICE-35 – Review

For those who are searching for a fish finder that is slightly different from the traditional one, the Humminbird ICE-35 is a good choice. Humminbird ICE-35 transforms your fish finding experience to an all new level with its excellent features.

What is so special about the Humminbird ICE-35 fish finder? Any guesses here? Humminbird ICE-35 is designed for ice fishing. A typical fish finder will display a sonar reading, but in Humminbird ICE-35 it shows a color flasher. Colors will move around the dial. When you see the color flasher displayed with some reading that is when you will cut a hole in the ice. Fiber Optic Technology is used in the tri-color flasher. It enables an easy analysis of data. The dual beam flasher provides an accurate reading and can get details from up to 200 feet depth.

Another excellent feature of the Humminbird ICE-35 is that it has excellent zoom-in capabilities that help in providing a proper view of a section of water column. You can adjust the zooming as per your requirements. The Humminbird ICE-35 has decent power. The batteries have the ability to last for a longer period of time. The Humminbird ICE-35 comes with a 12 volt charger and battery. The Humminbird ICE-35 has 800 watts power output.


The LED display of Humminbird ICE-35 is pretty good compared to other fish finders. The display is very bright and so the display is clearly visible in the dark.  Because of this feature, you can use the Humminbird ICE-35 fish finder during winter too.

The Humminbird ICE-35 will be in unassembled form when you first purchase it. It is easy to assemble the Humminbird ICE-35 fish finder. It can be assembled in 30 to 40 minutes. The Humminbird ICE-35 has a demo mode that helps you to have a clear idea about how it works in ice. So, you can try out the demo mode before taking the fish finder into ice.

What makes Humminbird ICE-35 stand out from the rest of the fish finders? Is this the best fish finder for the money? I found out that the features that make Humminbird ICE-35 stand out from its competitors are:

Ease of Use: The Humminbird ICE-35 is easy to use when compared to other fish finders. The flasher displays clear cut images of what is beneath the ice even in bright light. Made with the latest technology flasher, it helps you to find the correct catch.

Display screen: It is very important that you get a clear picture before you start your catch. The Humminbird ICE-35 has a 4 depth scale that helps in proper readability.

Power: The power output of the Humminbird ICE-35 is 800 watts. This is the maximum power output.

Transducer: The best feature of Humminbird ICE-35 is the transducer. Once the Humminbird ICE-35 is suspended beneath the ice water, it converts the electrical energy into sound waves. The mechanical signals thus obtained are then converted to electrical waves so that they can be displayed on your screen.



If you are in search of a fish finder that works perfectly in ice, Humminbird ICE-35 is the right choice for you. The Humminbird ICE-35 is affordable at a price below $300. Try the Humminbird ICE-35 fish finder and enjoy fishing in all conditions.

The lures I use to land bass

I am the type of fisherman who likes trying new lures all the time. I have a ton and I always look for new ones to increase their number. I have to admit, I don’t use all of them, but keep them as an obsessed collector in their cases. I would like to point out from the beginning that you do not need a huge number of lures to obtain great results. Most fishermen, including me, will only appeal to a small number of their baits to land bass and, in fact, many other species of fish. However, thinking the opposite, that you don’t need more than one or two lures to land fish, is dead wrong. Different fishing conditions will demand for different types of lure. The way you choose them depends entirely on you, the way you feel when fishing with it and, of course, the rate of success you have with them.

These being said, I would like to say a couple of things about three of my favorite lures that I have used successfully on bass, but also on other species. The first one, the Rose Kuli 3.8″ 6 Jointed Life-like Swimbait, is probably one of the most versatile types that I have managed to get my hands on. Why is that? Well, there are a couple of reasons that make this specific bait enormously useful:

–          It looks alive, and behaves like it when you put it in water, which is extremely important to lure fish; not only that, but it gives the impression of a dying fish which attracts bass immediately.

–          Secondly, it flashes light, so you can use it late at night, but in early morning as well, which is actually the best time of day to land bass, as that is their feeding hour.

–          Thirdly, it imitates several different species of fish, of various dimensions, so you will have plenty of options to choose from when you go fishing, and see which one of them works best in your fishing environment. However, bass will eat basically anything, so that shouldn’t be your primary concern.

A second type of bait that I use to land bass is rubber worm. As with any type of bait, after a while you begin noticing which one has been the most useful in various fishing settings. For me, the Yamamoto Senko Bait, Texas-rigged has always proven to be a great ally. In a nutshell, what I believe makes this bait so efficient it is actually its simplicity. It looks exactly like a small warm and it flows naturally in water. However, if there is one thing that I am a bit unhappy when using this bait, is its lifespan. The Rose Kuli, for example, lasts much longer than the Yamamoto rubber worm.

Another lure that helped me land great specimens is the Booyah magic, a spinner-bait. I believe this is so effective when fishing for bass due to its movement that attracts fish like nothing else. In addition, you can use it in many angling conditions, so it tends to be economic and it also covers a lot of water quickly. The Booyah magic is intended for use in freshwater. Though it may look a bit smaller than your average spinner-bait, you’ll see you can cast well with it and it will work perfectly in many circumstances.

Why a great truck tent is not enough when you go camping


Truck tents are one of my favorite pieces of camping equipment and I would always choose one over a classic tent. I find them to be more comfortable, less difficult to set up, and more adaptable for any type of camping area. Things were not always like this. My first truck tent voyage wasn’t as pleasant as all the rest. Partly because I was an inexperienced camper and secondly because I was careless enough to believe everything will work out right even if I’m not thoroughly informed on the destination I was going to. The main purpose of this article is to give you some advice related to camping inspired from my first camping trip with my truck tent.
Most important of all, take all the necessary information regarding the camp you’ve decided for. While I do this always or at least most of the times nowadays, I skipped this step when I first travelled with my truck tent. I was a first time visitor to the chosen camp and I did not inquire into vehicle regulations. It was a large camp so it did not occur to me that they may not allow vehicles in. They didn’t – at least not in the part where I arrived. Thankfully, the people working there pointed out the sector where I could camp with my truck tent as well. Though not a huge disaster, it meant a 45 minutes delay. Although most camps have especially designed camping spots for trucks and RVs, make sure you have all the right info before you arrive there to avoid spoiling your trip.

If you’ve just bought the tent for your SUV, spend some time practicing setting up the tent. Even if it is not a complicated process, and modern tents are more and more configured to be set up smoothly, some products do require some installation skills. I had the bad luck to catch a rainy, foggy day in my first truck tent camping trip. When I got there it was raining cats and dogs and there weren’t many campers to help me set it up. Normally, it wouldn’t take me more than 15 minutes to unwrap the whole thing and install it, but at that moment I spent more than one hour to get it over with.
Fortunately for me, the rain stopped while I was setting up the tent, so that helped a bit. My luck didn’t last long, and when the night came, the rain started again. At that moment I was reminded I didn’t set up the rainfly on top, which naturally meant I had to get out and try to fix that. This time I managed to do it with more ease. I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way. I felt cold all night and shivered even with all the extra clothes. Since then, whenever I bought a new product and went camping, I would first unpack it at home, read the setup guide and figure out how to use it properly. I’m sharing this advice with you, for I believe it will help you save time by performing a simple routine to avoid having to the deal with a whole lot more in less familiar places.

My review on Red Lion RL-SC50T

Heavy rainfall in springtime isn’t something out of the ordinary in the area where my family and I live. After one of our neighbors had the unpleasant surprise of realizing that his basement was flooded one night, we came to the conclusion that we simply had to find a way of avoiding the costs linked to repairs and such. I went online to do some research. While I did find a myriad of useful pieces of information regarding how you can keep your basement dry, nothing seemed to me as efficient as installing a sump pump.

I wasn’t ready to make a serious investment and spend five hundred dollars on a sump pump. I know some models are made with super-durable materials, but what I wanted was something basic that did the trick for when I was out of town and neither my family nor I were able to remove the water accumulated in the basement. After tossing and turning about getting a pedestal, submersible, or water-powered alternative, I discovered the Red Lion RL-SC50T. One of the first things I did was go online and check with the reviews gathered by the product. I was curious to find out what different homeowners had to say about the performance of the pump. Soon enough, I realized that this is one of those units that don’t receive any hate on the part of users. Having been well-made, back when I did my homework, I found that it had gathered just 4 and 5-star reviews.

After months and months of research, I decided to order the sump pump. I had the assistance of an uncle when the pump was delivered, and we fortunately had no problem installing it by ourselves. What I like the most about this ½-HP 4,300-GPH pump is that it’s made of cast iron, which means that I won’t have to go through the trouble of buying a replacement anytime during the next five years or more. Besides, the motor engine is the very definition of efficiency, and the water capacity of the model makes it a winner, considering that it can discharge up to 4,300 gallons per hour at zero feet.

Another thing I like about the sump pump is that, although it’s installed in a pit between a storage room and a basement bathroom, it virtually makes no noise at all. I can’t hear it doing its job when I’m taking a shower. I can’t even hear it when I’m watching a TV show in the living room above the basement where the sump pump is installed. Although our kids aren’t too young anymore, I figured that this would be an important detail to write in here because families with small children tend to be bothered by the noise made by many sump pumps.

Finally, I’d like to add that this is an automatic model, meaning that it will turn itself on and off whenever the water reaches a certain level. This comes in handy when I’m at work or when the kids and my wife are visiting relatives out of town. All in all, the Red Lion RL-SC50T makes me feel reassured that nothing will go wrong in my cellar.

Healthy Quesadilla Recipe

Trying new recipes is a fun thing to do. Not only you will learn and add it to your stocked knowledge, but you will also savor the goodness of the food. Learning food, popularized in other countries is not rare. Sometimes it is really good to have a smell and taste of the culture and tradition all around the world. So, right now, you can learn the Mexican dish, by preparing a healthy Quesadilla. Not only this is good for family dinners, but this is also quick and easy to make. Surprise your family and friends with the Healthy Quesadilla.

This recipe is a version of Quesadilla that will surely feed the healthy type of persons. All you have to do is to prepare:

l  1 15-ounce can black beans or pinto beans

l  1/2 cup Jack cheese (if you want it to be hot)

l  1/2 cup fresh salsa

l  4 whole wheat tortillas

l  2 teaspoons cooking or canola oil

l  1 diced ripe avocado


Combine the 15-ounce can of black beans or pinto beans, the cup of Jack cheese, and the salsa in a bowl. Make sure that you evenly mixed the three ingredients in order to equally distribute the flavor. Then, you prepare the whole wheat tortillas in a flat surface. On each half of the 4 whole wheat tortilla, spread the filling, fold the tortilla and flatten it (remember not to put too much pressure on the flattening of the tortilla- just do it gently). Now prepare the warm skillet and the oil. Once the skillet is warm, pour the oil and wait for 1 to 2 minutes. Slowly pull out the Quesadilla on the skillet and turn it over, once the portion gets golden brown. Once all the Quesadilla are fried, wrap them with a foil to keep the warmth. Prepare the salsa and the avocado, then add it to the serving.

In only 15 minutes, you are ready to surprise everyone how you brought the Mexican food style at your home. Now everyone will enjoy the night’s bonding with a full stomach.

Health Benefits of Having Yogurt Every Day


Yogurt is one of the healthiest foods around and the best part is that it can be easily incorporated into a daily diet, because of its great taste and low content of fat. Yogurt is rich in powerful nutrients and it offers you a balanced meal on which you can thrive without gaining weight. Does it sound like something you would like? Here are the most important health benefits of having yogurt every day.

Boost your protein levels with yogurt

Yogurt contains animal protein, which is essential for human health. Especially as you age you will need more protein as it helps rebuilding tissue, reviving cells and keeping muscles in good working order. Since meat is not the healthiest choice, even the leanest type, do not hesitate to turn towards dairy products and especially yogurt.


The friendly probiotics

Many diseases find a way to enter the human body via the digestive system and often, a healthy digestive system is the foundation of good health. Since everything you eat and drink goes through it, its proper functioning is essential for enjoying overall wellbeing. Probiotics are a strain of bacteria present in the digestive system, but they are the benign kind. Even more, they are important for good health and the good news is that yogurt is full of probiotics. In other words, if you eat yogurt every day, you will be able to enjoy a healthy digestive system and a solid immune system, capable of fending off diseases.


An ally against osteoporosis

Rich in calcium, yogurt is your greatest ally against osteoporosis. Bone mass is something that, unfortunately, declines with age and it is a sign of the onset of osteoporosis. A good idea would be to add vitamin D to your diet, as well, because it is capable of fixing the calcium in your bones. The elderly can take great advantage of the health benefits of yogurt, but children can be helped to develop healthy bones if they are given yogurt every day.

Some recommend buying yogurt fortified with vitamin D, but I think it is a much better idea to make your own yogurt at home, and get vitamin D from other natural sources. The main problem with yogurt sold in stores is that it is usually loaded with preservatives meant to prolong its shelf life. I make my own yogurt at home, using a yogurt maker, of which I learned from this site. Using the information provided there, I bought a unit that I am very pleased with and now I enjoy healthy homemade yogurt every day.


How to Plan a Great RV Trip Across the US with a RV GPS


RV trips are considered a lot of fun by the entire family, and the best thing about them is that RVs are large enough to take a portion of home along with you. However, without thorough planning, your trip can easily turn into a disaster. An RV GPS can be of great help in your planning, especially if it comes equipped with some RV friendly features. Here are some ideas on how to make your trip a success with the help of an RV GPS.


First of all, an RV GPS is a great traveling companion and it allows you to draw your routes, with the necessary stops, so you can refuel or stop for a picnic in RV friendly areas. Advanced RV GPS reviews speak about models that allow you to share your trip route online, and can also offer you the possibility to customize your route depending on the characteristics of your RV, such as weight, length and height.

Real directions can save you a lot of time and headaches when on the road. Especially when planning a long trip across the US, you will need to pay attention to a lot of things. Leave at least street name reading to your faithful GPS, so you do not get lost and lose precious time you could spend having fun with your family.


A directory with the RV parks you may encounter in your way surely comes in handy and good RV GPS models usually come equipped with such a feature. Learning about important information such as which RV parks are pet friendly, is very important if you want to travel with Fido in tow.


There are many free apps that can be used on your RV GPS. The most useful are those that can warn you about drastic weather changes well in advance, so you can plan accordingly.


Radar Detectors – Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What does sensitivity mean?

A: In few words, sensitivity stands for the performance of a radar detector at picking up police radar signals. Sensitivity, as you may well expect, is paramount for having a timely warning before reaching the police radar and getting a fine for speeding up.


Q: What does selectivity mean?

A: Selectivity is the ability of a radar detector to differentiate between the signal transmitted by the police radars and the ones transmitted by other kinds of devices that use the same frequency. For instance, automated doors, which are a fixture for garages and department stores, and microwave ovens that happen to be close by, can determine a radar detector to go off, apparently for no reason. If your radar detector has decent to high selectivity, it will be able to ignore the non-radar signals, and therefore minimize the number of times when it would alert you without any police radars in sight.


Q: How far can a radar detector pick a police radar signal?

A: This is the kind of question that cannot have a straightforward answer. There are many factors that influence the capacity of a radar detector to pick up signal, such as terrain, weather conditions, the frequency band used and so on. On good models, expect to get alerted between half a mile and one mile from a police radar, which, as a general rule, will leave you enough time to lower your speed.


Q: Do radar detectors work all the time?

A: While Beltronics radar detectors can pick a signal from a police radar most of the times, you need to know a bit about the technologies used. For instance, if a traffic agent uses a laser powered radar gun, your radar detector cannot do anything about it. What you need to avoid getting fines this way is to use a laser jammer, but be aware that these jammers are illegal in many states.

ing a fine, with the help of a radar detector, you will increase your chances of escaping with your pockets unscathed.


Why You Should Get an Electric Broom Instead of a Vacuum Cleaner


Convenience and efficiency are two main reasons why electric brooms are considered a better choice by many when it comes to house cleaning. Vacuum cleaners, while effective and great at what they do, tend to be bulky and difficult to move from one room to another. Electric brooms, on the other hand, are designed for convenience, and they can be used by seniors and those who suffer from back pains with little effort.

An electric broom is lighter than a vacuum cleaner, and it is not difficult to use. It consumes less electric power and it can save you some money on your monthly bills. Because some models are battery powered, you will not experience the unpleasantness of stumbling upon the electric cord all the time. The best part is that you do not have to give up on anything if you pick an electric broom over a traditional vacuum cleaner and you even get to enjoy more benefits instead. The first has as much power as the latter, so you will not have to work harder to get the same results.


Another benefit of electric brooms is that they are usually less expensive than vacuum cleaners. For those who are on a budget, but look for a reliable cleaning aid, there is hardly a better choice than an electric broom.

Last, but not least, electric brooms are very versatile. They work great on any type of surface, on carpets and on hard floors with the same efficiency. They are a good choice for daily cleaning, so, if you are among those who prefer making a small effort regularly to maintain their house clean instead of going for heavy cleaning once a week or even less often.

In brief, electric brooms are a more convenient choice than vacuum cleaners because they cost less, they help you save money on electricity and they are more convenient and versatile.


What You Need to Know about Car Seat Regulations in the US


Car Seat Regulations Implemented in the US


For parents, their child’s safety is paramount and, to come to their aid, special car seats for kids are created by reputable manufacturers. Even more, federal guidelines and regulations clearly establish the most important rules to abide by when purchasing and using a car seat for children. Knowing about these regulations help parents pick the right product for their young ones.


First of all, you need to know that car seats are designed for specific age categories and they take into account the weight and height of the occupant. This means that the car seat that is a good fit for an infant may not be a good choice for a toddler or an older kid.

As the rule of thumb, infants and toddlers must ride with their parents in a rear facing car seat, until they are at least 2 years old. The only exception to the rule is made when the child is heavier and taller than what it is written in the manufacturer’s requirements. Toddlers and pre-schoolers should ride in forward facing car seats equipped with a safety harness. Again, once they reach a certain weight and height, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, they can be moved to the next type of car seat available for kids.


For kids between 8 and 12 years of age, the federal regulations demand that they ride in a belt position booster chair. The seat belt of the vehicle is used instead of a harness, to ensure the kid’s safety. Older kids should use lap and shoulder seat belts to get the best protection possible. This way, parents will be at peace, knowing that their children are well protected in case something bad happens.


Do not forget that a car seat cannot serve its purpose unless it is properly installed and all the installation requirements are met.


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